What am I doing at this time of physical distancing and a global shut down? 

Mostly rest. 

I have been watching movies, reading books and watching movies.

Certainly, I am doing the work I can. But in a time of uncertainty there isn’t a lot of work. Especially when your job is to lead people and many of them are in a suspended state of affairs.

I am receiving the gift of suspension. I am not placing myself under undue pressure. I am resting. 

Like a lot of you need to. Especially if you can afford it.

If you haven’t had the time to catch your breath for weeks or months or years, you have been given a gift, wrapped up in a pandemic.

If your health needs for you to slow down, or you need space to pay attention to your emotions, or to yourself or to focus on your relationship with your children or your spouse, you have been given a gift, wrapped in a pandemic.

Too many of us, in a hurried, frazzled world, need a lot of play and rest. 

Pay attention to the moment. You may never get this big an opportunity for what you need anytime soon.

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