Wisdom, not cunning

I know a number of people who are always very good at the ‘wrong’ things.

They are good at suspecting the motives of others, at doubting people’s intentions, of seeing disrespect and manipulation in every direction, of knowing who is trying to deceive them, who is trying to figure them out, who is on the verge of figuring them out. And they try to deflect, weave, dodge, misdirect.

It takes a lot of emotional energy.

They do all of this to protect themselves from the risk of vulnerability. They assume all these games and tics will save them from being at the mercy of other people.

So all the energy they should invest in building trust and love and warm relationships and strong connections, they spend on staving off disadvantage, ‘outsmarting’ other people and warding off danger.

Instead of wisdom, they choose cunning.

They want to outsmart you before you outsmart them. They want to decode you better than you decode them. They want to ‘catch’ you before you take an action so that they ‘protect themselves’.

They are very good at ‘Aha! I got you’ - and don’t see how much it rids them of the actual sustained enjoyment of life.

I know a lot of them. (And if I am like that too, or sometimes, I absolutely pray I continue to grow out of it). And this is what I have found: They never stay in a place of joy and peace and abundance. Because all that suspicion and cunning only comes from a place of fear.

They are often suspicious, disagreeable, trading in scarcity, reaping discontent.

Wisdom resides only in a place of love and trust through the risk of vulnerability. You cannot collect abundance from a space of scarcity.

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