Seeing clearly 

Love – to love and be loved – enables you see yourself properly; fully and with clarity. To see yourself without fear and without hiding. 

To love and be loved is to be in a space of safety where you can be truly and fully yourself – which is accepting the reality of where you are and the reality of how long more you have to go in that journey to becoming the fuller, deeper, truest expressions of all that we can be. 

And in that space, because you’re not hiding or performing or pretending, you can see yourself for who you really are, you can become who you really want to be in that moment and in as many moments as you can reach for. 

Even if it only happens for one week, or one day, or one month, or one year, if you have truly been ‘in love’ – loving and being loved - you would realise that it is already full. In and of itself. 

Because which would you choose, if you had to: to see and be yourself clearly and fully for just a period of time, or not to experience that at all? 

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