Do it differently - even if no one cares

Blackface: I haven’t been successful in the music industry [in Nigeria]. [I wouldn’t say] the works I have put in paid me or let me have a big house. You know I don’t really have that.

No Nigerian industry/awards have given me one award, because I’m a singer. From my songs “hard life” to “ahead of the game”, ‘If you leave me’, ‘Erema’. You name all of them. I’m the one they don’t want to rate, or talk about but it’s all good.

As far as the people embrace the music then, who cares?

The media doesn't want to rate me because I do it differently and because I do what’s different, they [wonder] why. “Why is he different, why is he saying he’s special or why is it him, why must it be him?”

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Quote for the day: “The world is a university and everybody in it is a teacher. When you wake up in the morning, make sure you go to school. The people who do it wrong teach you as much as the people who do it right.” — TD Jakes 

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