Still on anger 

“You sound like a therapist,” she said, after I told her how I handle my country and its many disappointments.

“Ah,” I smiled. “I wish I was like this every moment of my life, If I was I would free up massive space for 100 percent happiness. But, sadly, in my personal affairs, I still deal with anger.” 

“Here is what I know though: Anger is useless. I am currently angry with a member of my team whose work is poor. He isn’t taking responsibility, and that angers me. 

“But you see, I know the exact period I lost my patience with him finally, and I had a right to be upset sure, but here’s the thing: the same time I lost patience with him was the same time his work began to get even worse. You could see him lose confidence in himself, and you could see stop feeling good about himself. Of what use is the anger then if it doesn’t help me get what I want, and it doesn’t help him get better?” 

She sighed. 

I also sighed. 

God help us.