99 percent garbage 

I read a piece somewhere about how 99 percent of our thoughts were garbage. I can’t find that piece now to cross-check the math. But the substance of the piece is 100 percent correct. 

For too many of us, the vast majority of our thinking (I would wager 90 percent if we were to do the math) everyday is garbage. It’s the same thing, day in and day out, on and on and on and on, like a boring speech. 

The same fear, the same insecurity, the same worry, the same doubts, the same self-whipping and self judgement and self hating: I am lazy. I am selfish. I am not good enough. I won’t find love. I won’t be rich. I can’t achieve what I want to achieve. Life is so unfair to me. When I get X I will be happy. On and on and on and on. Day in, day out. Worrying, ruminating, panicking, anxious. 

We sleep thinking these thoughts. And we wake up the next morning thinking the same thoughts – habitual, repetitive, monotonous. It doesn’t matter that we have no evidence. It doesn’t matter that this useless process of thinking doesn’t lead us anywhere. We continue to believe it; we continue to repeat the same return. 

It’s familiar, and it’s safe. 

But there is nothing beautiful about familiar garbage. Garbage is meant to be disposed of. 

Please clean house, so you can make space for creativity, for abundance, for fearlessness, for newness, and for joy,