Depressed vs depression

It bears repeating, and this time in a more pointed way.

To be depressed is not the same thing as depression.

To be anxious is not the same thing as anxiety.

One has evolved into an illness - “diseases of civilisation”, it has been called - and the other remains what it always been been, part of the spectrum of “normal human despair”.

Too many people want the lines to be blurred in both cases so we can all bond in a state of mutual helplessness and lack of agency because of the scary, confusing times we live in - but no.

To take a pill for sadness is to numb what makes you human. When you numb the normal aspects of your emotional spectrum, the researchers have told us, you numb the aspects that also lead to joy.

For you to be joyful, you must know how to be sad - sit in it, sit with it, let it run its course.

There is a time for everything. A time to be happy and a time to be sad. A time to be anxious and a time to not care.

To embrace the times and seasons of the life and world we had been given is one of the great secrets of living joyfully.

Don’t let the hysteria of modern trends confuse you.