God or not?

Think about it: The God many of us claim to serve is supposed to be the most powerful force in all of reality - all powerful, all glorious, all wise.

This God is supposed to see the end of a thing before the beginning and there is nothing this God cannot do. Or at least, that’s what we say and what we claim to understand from our holy books.

And yet, we constantly find the need to insult others on behalf of this God, to fight others who attack this God, to wish that the police and courts silence those who ‘disrespect’ this God, to worry that anyone who questions this God or the institutions this God built is about to destroy this God or blunt this God’s impact.

But how does that make sense?

Is this God a tender child or flower that has to be protected by you its creation, or a force powerful beyond measure and understanding?

It’s either you believe your God is powerful or you don’t. If you do believe, then start acting like it, and leave God to fight God’s battles. You already have plenty of yours to deal.