Good news

Him: I had to ‘fire’ someone on my team. 

Him: Sad but I had to finally do it. Had been long-coming. 

Me: What happened?

Him: It’s been a long-coming attempt to manage and improve someone who really had what’s almost an impossible task with managing their complex and confidence, thereby leading to a really low EQ, bad people interactions and performance on the job. 

Him: She constantly felt and said she was a round peg in the square hole. I would say “it’s so because you think and then act so” but over time I had to agree with her, because she never stopped thinking and living that. 

Me: So, not a sad occasion.

Me: She has freed you from spending your energy in a place of low possibility, 

Him: Exactly Sir. I was really devoting a lot of time to her so much my partner had to remind me I was spending little or no time helping those who were doing good to be doing great.

Me: 👍🏽.