Is your life simple? | Why you need to register for Re.Treat.

Life is simple. 

It really is.

If you don’t see the evidence of that in your life, then that’s why we created Re.Treat: A weekend in joy.

It’s 3 days and 2 nights of cutting through the clutter and confusion - especially of very busy, highly accomplished people, or those who are on their way there - and helping you find the peace and clarity to make the decisions on what you have to do, how they need to do them and why.

It’s a series of practical exercises - mediation, inquiry, listening deeply, journaling - giving you the tools and space to walk through pressure, depression, unhappiness, anxiety, and fear.

Re.Treat. creates the safe space to make important decisions by yourself, guided gently, without judgement, and without pressure.

If your heart is troubled by life, Re.Treat. is for you. Having seen how it has transformed life, I highly recommend it.

Today, we officially open up registration for the next episode which holds on 18 - 20 October. If you register in July, you get an early bird discount. Call or text Rick on +234 818 131 7544 or email to register.

I can’t wait to meet you.