“It just clicked”

I can never forget the exact moment on day two when one of our participants said this.

“It just clicked. I just got it.”

And it was like light flooded through my heart, and through the room, as her face lit up.

It was a confirmation of a lesson the universe has been teaching me: Don’t do anymore or any less than is yours to do.

I was very worried about her specifically: Would this process be helpful to her? Would these unobtrusive tools get through to her spirit? Would we be able to get through her shields and boundaries?

But I have learnt to trust the process of change for people. Because when you begin to learn bits of wisdom, you learn that you can’t force understanding on a person. You have to do what is yours to do, and then wait.

Mine was to teach the tools. Hers was to open herself to it. The universe had the job to do the rest.

But that day - Day 2 - was an incredible gift to my spirit. That was the day, after an intensive afternoon of the revolutionary process called The Work, that almost all of the class said ‘We’ve gotten the clarity we are looking for’. Even though we still had one full day of activities to go.

“It just clicked.” Because I trusted the process, and trusted them. That by themselves, without me forcing or attaching to specific results, they would get it.

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#TheJoyRetreat is one of the most powerful confirmations to me about trusting the process. About non-attachment. About doing what is mine only and trusting the universe to do the rest.

I honestly can’t wait to be part of another magical weekend of ‘aha’ moments.