On friendships

Hi Chude
Trust you’re keeping well.
Got a question for you, but please don’t laugh at me.
I’m having difficulty forming intimate relationships. Any idea what I should do differently?
The first big move I’m making is being intentional about initiating friendships, but I’m also extremely cautious. I think I may need some help. Thank you in advance! :)

Caution is necessary.
Extreme caution? I am not sure about. I worry about extreme.
There are really just four ways to build intimate relationships.
1. Meet people you like, make your intention known, and let nature take its course
2. Put yourself in situations where you will be seen by people you like, and let nature take its course
3. Let the universe bring to you people who like you without effort, and let nature take its course
4. Hustle and push and stress and try to force it to happen, and see what happens.

It’s usually wise to choose what you would rather and do it.

1 and 2 are usually reliable choices and that’s what you have chosen.

You can’t really determine the outcome - you can just do what you must but with dignity and with peace knowing that whether the result comes or not you will be fine.

And once you have done your part, you just keep enjoying the life you already have.