Self judgement is easy

To judge yourself? To think you’re lazy, narcissistic, entitled, sinful, flawed, selfish, whatever? That’s easy. A lot of people do it. It takes no effort, no creativity and no imagination.

To love yourself though? To accept yourself as you are, on the way to getting better – your frailty, your weaknesses, your doubts and fears, your mistakes and missteps? That’s the one that a lot of people don’t know how to do. We don’t see a lot of role models for that. We don’t learn enough about how to do that.

I am not talking of ego – thinking you are better than anyone else. I am talking of acceptance – knowing that you deserve to be here, whoever you are, however you are, without comparison to anyone else.

Judgement of self and others is easy, and because it is so easy, so many people do it, and so many people are unhappy. 

Acceptance of self and others so you can help yourself and them get better with empathy and support? That ones doesn’t come easily, and so only a few of those do it.

Help us. Become a model of self-love that we can learn from.