Stop watch

What would you want in your life that is missing at the moment?

“30 hours in a day,” a team member said the other day. He was half-joking.

I smiled. In my heart, I really wished there was a way he could get what he was asking for. Because then he would realise that 30 hours a day can’t be enough, if 24 hours aren’t.

We have the same 24 hours humanity has had since we began to track linear time in this fashion. Nothing much has changed. A majority of people still sleep and wake up around the same time. The sun still rises and falls around the same time.

People are out of time for the same reasons they have always been out of time:they think time is the problem.

But time isn’t. We are. We try to do more than we can. We pretend we have more time than we have. We wish for what cannot come (more time) and refuse to align what we need to do with what we can do (with the time that we have).

We forget that everyone else has exactly the same time we do. And if we get more, they too would get more. And then, we would lose the advantage of the more time that we wanted in the first place.

People are making billions, running successful companies, raising seven kids, sleeping eight hours (I sleep 10) in the same 24 hours you have. The same 24 everyone from Nelson Mandela to Barack Obama had. And they made the very most of it.

Time is not the problem you are having, I promise you. The problem is what you choose to do with the time that is always available.