The Infinity Plan 

According to the Bible’s creation story, mirrored in the creation stories of other faiths before, around and after the time of Jesus, God had a Plan A when God created the world.

Then Adam messed it up. But, as it turns out: God also had a Plan B. The Plan B, if you listen to Christians, was Jesus on the cross. If you listen to Muslims, it’s Mohammed. (Mormons would point to Joseph Smith was that Plan B.) 

But, here’s the deal: We only know about the Plan B, because we are supposedly its beneficiaries. Those before us were however convinced that there was only Plan A, and there was nothing else to save us. 

But if God had a Plan B, just because God wanted to save the world at all costs (at any cost) – then surely God must have a Plan C, a Plan D, perhaps an infinity of plans until God gets exactly what God wants to get. 

Surely, there can be no limiting a determined God who has all the power that it is possible to have?

Relax. I highly suspect that God has got you covered.