The story behind the story

When you meet a counselor, a psychologist, a coach, a friend, someone who has some wisdom you need and you tell them the story of your life or something that happened to you, do you tell them the real story?

Not the story of what happened to you, of how you were passed up for the job, have gone through a string of relationships, are not on speaking terms with your daughter, your business failed.

I mean the story behind the story: Did you tell them about your weaknesses and your failings? Did you tell them you didn’t give the job your best, that you took a role you weren’t competent for, that you abandoned your kids because of a fling, that you disregarded your partner, that you spend your time with your friends boasting rather than listening, that you borrow money and don’t pay back, that you treat people with disdain because they work for you?

If you don’t tell them the whole story, the story behind the story, then you might as well not tell them anything - because they don’t have the full information, and therefore they cannot actually give you the help that you need.