The substance of faith

(Religious) Faith is a belief in something that cannot be proven.

That’s what makes it faith. That’s what makes it beautiful. It’s a uniquely human phenomenon - the capacity to hold on tight to things we cannot really hold on tight to, because we can’t really prove they exist.

You’re entitled to that.

You’re human.

The magic is to be truthful about it. Be truthful about the fact that it’s a belief, not a provable fact. And don’t be defensive when people point that out.

Don’t be threatened because your faith doesn’t make sense to another person. That may only mean that your faith isn’t as strong as you want it to be.

It’s faith. Often times it makes no sense. 

That should make you very careful about what you choose to belief and put your trust in. And once you’ve done that careful work and decided to proceed anyway, then do yourself - and us - the favour of not lying to yourself about what you can prove, and what you cannot.