Where emotions belong

"I separate my emotions from my work."


I doubt that. 

All the research I have read about engagement at work, and delivering high impact results indicate that people do better when they are emotionally invested and engaged. 

Therein lies the reason why the field of management gets many of its operating theories from the field of psychology. 

To leave your emotions at home means to leave your operating system at home - the place where your commitment, and creativity, and full capacity lies. 

Emotions are good. They are important. They are important in work, in relationships, and for your health. 

I think what you are trying to say is that you’re not irrational at work. We often say ‘emotions’ when we actually mean ‘irrational’. 

To make decisions that don't benefit you or us, just because you are hurt, or disappointed or sad makes no sense. That's irrational. 

To allow your team member who just lost his marriage some time to go home to grieve, so he doesn’t perform sub-optimally today, and so you can make an investment in his emotional bank account that will lead to higher levels of engagement tomorrow, and the next year. That's emotional. 

It’s also good management. And good business. 

Don’t leave your emotions at home when you go to work today.