What is garbage?

Dear Chude,

Excellent post about 90% of our thoughts being garbage.

I understand this and find that I am unable to stop thinking this way.

My question is how do we stop thinking garbage? Is there a process that we can implement when they come to form a new habit?

Also, is it entirely bad to have some 'garbage' thoughts? Is it possible to think constructively all the time? Is it healthy

I am just curious about what is garbage and good and the ideal balance for both.

I would really like to know your thoughts on this.

Thank you,

[Name withheld]

How are you?

Two things help me:

1: Meditation - daily

2. Gratitude journaling - daily

These are simple immediate ways that if you commit to, will help you slowly clean house. It’s a process.

And garbage? Garbage is any thought that doesn’t lead you to action.

If it doesn’t lead you to taking the best action for yourself - if it only makes you feel bad about yourself and powerless - how can there be an 'ideal balance' for it?