Sitemap - 2020 - #WithChude

Are you thriving emotionally or merely surviving?

Truth seeking

Coming short

Happiness comes from being proud of yourself

A Christmas to remember

Surprise care package for a merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, everyone.

Does the situation honor you?

“Penetrating.” “Intense.” - 2020, a year in review.

How to open up a flower

How to open up a flower

See you in 2021!

Work relationships: Quit if you have to

Happiness comes from being proud of yourself

Dealing with loss

Road rage

The beloved community

What matters is you in this moment


Every problem you have is your responsibility


We need to be sensitive

I always remember to forgive myself 

Finding the Gold in 2020

Feedback Friday: "I want to be in community"

Dealing with bad outcomes

Love reveals deeper truths


Small steps

Love is the last stand

How to think for yourself

Everything life gives you is material

Gratitude is a distraction

Seek first to understand then be understood

Don't underrate sleep

When your passion isn’t turning into a profit

Take care of your mind

How to flourish - in practical terms

Happy Regardless

Change is always one more step away

We shouldn't confuse love with sentimentalism

Check your bias

Procrastination is dangerous

I need to give myself space (Updated version)

I need to give myself space

It's Midlife Unraveling, not Midlife Crisis

Not alone

What your environment does

The monk or monkey

Deal with your trauma

Social media validation

How are you?

Another time to get curious

The Liminal Space

Good enough

Who promised you that life was going to be easy?

Don’t Be Like Me

Leap and Trust


It's not what they said. It's what you heard.

I have a few questions too

Model role models

There is a way to try better

On learning

Authenticity versus Perfection

10 things I learnt as my country fought to #EndPoliceBrutality 

Your efficiency may be dangerous

It is still a beautiful world

Focus on the advice, not the adviser

What do you want in a retreat?

I can be that too

Note the facts

The majority is (almost) always wrong 

Emotional independence in times as these?

Look Up Now

Sleep paralysis

Life's Choices

Valuable Education

Groupthink is a big deal

What version of you are you? 

When Silence Becomes a Weapon

Feedback Friday: "It blessed my life this morning"

Real Pain vs Counterfeit Pain

Accepting vs Trying

What humility is

Practicing expressing emotions

Allow reality scatter your plans

The Crisis of Desire

Avoid Avoidance

Why worry if you can't change it?

Noting the lessons

After the entanglement

Treating your fears

Paint another picture!

What's your love ethic?

Feedback Friday: "Taking things one step at a time has helped"

Don't hunker down

Truth appeals

Groupthink is a big deal

The Narrative

The one thing Jesus was obsessed with 

Go for Permanent Skills

Reality check


Admit you don’t know

Wild flower

Enjoying the day

Make haste slowly

Do the work - even if it hurts

Feedback Friday: "Grateful for the opportunity to read this"

You don’t know too

On Sadness

Avoid self-sabotage

How we think about mental illness

“Chude has planned his energy for the day”

Move fast and (not) break things


On the road to joy

It's not that easy

Dear Ger: the letter

When things happen

I fell in the bathroom last week

Forgiveness therapy and my wish for you

I am Enough

Come #AskMeAnything tomorrow

You still have time

Things happen

Looking in the mirror

Earth to You Going Through A Very Tough Experience: Do Not Hunker Down

Explore your landscape of beauty

Feedback Friday: “This hit home”

Facing heartbreak without becoming broken

Facing depression and anxiety

Thank you

Dealing with Things that Annoy Us

This is not about you (alone)

Why Be Vulnerable?

Embrace the Process

Hitting rock bottom

There is nothing you can’t survive

Stepping back to step forward

Healing time

We must disrupt ourselves

How to see, without hesitation

Thank you for...

No Downside to Trying Therapy

Weaknesses? Talk about them

On Desire

Sex is a good thing

We’re not grateful enough

The root of desire + other links

Feedback Friday: "This is for me!"

What Letting Go Means

On becoming a thought leader

Congealed emotions

To a friend dealing with mental health

Jesus, The Vulnerable 

The map is never the territory

Emotional future


10 Seconds

Let there be light

Never perfect

Taking responsibility is a gift to your spirit 

Our fears are boring

Walking Away

Internal bleeding

No entitlements

‘I need your love’ - Is that true?

Deliberately. Be Grateful.

Feedback is (really) hard

Feeling at home - even in crisis

Love makes you feel

The greatest love of my life

Acting from a sure place

That’s a bad decision 

The wedding song

Love is all that matter

Wisdom, not cunning

Again, but with meaning

Announcing some beautiful changes to our newsletters… 

Consecrated action

Leading question

The Great Game of God

Fixed vs growth

“Any questions? Any suggestions? Any violent disagreements?”

Fire eaters

Something about sex

Panic relief

Everything, in balance

Why I am alive

Extremely unnecessary

No need for drama

Escape Plan

Choice problems

Hopeless romantic


Beyond assumptions



So let me tell you about our first book - released today...

Common sense

What manner of love?

Talk show

It’s your choice

Mind over matter

Trying better

3 things that center me

Good God

Power, less

Power full

Change is hard

Trust the process

You’re both human

Right or wrong

The science of gratitude

Trying better

The queen’s perspective

Memento Mori

With a little lock

Your miracle may already be here

The top 3

The root of desire

Book me down

Focus forward

3 steps for getting value in these times

Grace is sufficient

This too is life

Slow burn


The privilege of peace

That’s (not) absurd


Balance for better

Hidden gifts

Normal is gone

You deserve this

It’s about you

Pre forgiven


How’s that working for you?

If you ask for advice, you will get it

Moral authority

The Great Gratitude

Believing is a choice - and you can choose again

Sex vs love

Much ado about gifts

Action figure

What’s the matter?

You are the Supreme Court

The problem of good and evil

The humility shift

Perfectly dangerous

Believe it or not

Seeing clearly

Pandemic Reality

Everything is going to change?

The Introvert Advantage

This crisis might take a while 


All protocols observed

Meaning, less

You bet

Mind the gap (Correct Version)

Mind the gap

Out of control

Wrong turn

My responsibility

World people

Corona Fever 

Goal post

Happy now?


Me, Chude

This is your journey

Today, I’m 35 - and I have a big announcement (screaming)!

Feedback forms

You can still join me in worship tomorrow

The voices in your head

A matter of competence 

The trap of invulnerability

Joy is...

In community: a worship experience

Right now

Count your blessings

5 lessons at 35: Power corrupts

5 lessons at 35: Home is where the heart is

5 lessons at 35: You don’t need confidence to cross the street

5 lessons at 35: Saying yes to Life

5 lessons at 35: The valley of the shadow of death [Correct version]

5 lessons at 35: The valley of the shadow of death [Correct version]

5@35 starts tomorrow

Adverse consequences


Give and take

A friendly reminder

The Gratitude Check

Not perfect

The infinite minute

Where to start

No plan

Boring, and then?

Student of life

Time wastes for no one

Hello, disappointment!

Actions not intentions

Right action

Life, as is

Will you join us at SMWLagos on February 27?

Life’s a dance


When clarity meets action at LifeClass

Choose carefully

With love, The Christ

2 skills for joy

Who are you?

Humble pie

Done and accepted

(Almost) unforgivable

Life is life

To cherish

Deal or no deal 

Mood board 


The Career Planning Lifeclass is this Saturday


Is love

Seeing clearly 




It's this weekend

With us, and of us



On friendships

Nothing to apologise for

Plan Nay

I don’t do toxic

Power, less

Self made

Many are called

Right or right?

Two lessons

“That was my fault”

How to do it

Nature or nature