Sitemap - 2022 - #WithChude

Some things take time

Find the things that truly matter

“Don’t let your validation come from the comments section”

Love liberates

You don't need a pity party

You aren't above an apology

Focus on things that matter

Dealing with pressure

What I learnt from Dora Akunyili

You don't need the drama

Be intentional about building you

You aren't meant to appeal to everyone

Focus on light, not heat

Your body responds to your mind

Your story is still being written

How to stop overthinking

Let the work speak for you

Don’t judge

A comforting prayer

It's not always about you

Jump up when you go down

Don’t get impatient

We all need people

“I don’t like fake love.” Neither should you

You have to find the courage

Don't be afraid to dream

How to deal with life

Everything is material for you

What do you want most out of life?

You are going to have to deal with life

It’s not over

What to do when negativity comes

To be free, regardless

Give feedback only when you've done this

What do you do when life happens?

How to deal with fear

Don't dim your light

Count your blessings

Make the effort to discover yourself

Don't just follow the shiny new thing

Blind belief isn’t enough

Remember this when people judge you

Why you should forgive

Fill your own cup first

Know what to keep inside

Joy is not made to be a crumb

Shan George: Life has taught me not to be Stupid

Many Times, Love is it's Own Reward

What I Learnt from My Interview With Chioma Agwuegbo

Go Through It

Seek first to understand

The Joy List: The Perfectionism Epidemic

Live in the moment

I Like Time

The Difference Between Sadness and Depression

What I Learnt from My Interview With Reuben Abati

What to do with mistakes

Whatever life throws at you is life

Are you living in the now, or are you holding unto a past?

We now have a learning and therapy platform

What I Learnt From My Interview with Hilda Dokubo

Look carefully for opportunities

Building New Habits Take Time

"Things are not always as they seem"

I Do Not Respect Stigma

What I Learnt From My Interview with Mai Atafo

I used to think, what if i hit my baby on the wall so i can be done with this?

Life is short, but it can also be long.

The Purpose Of Life Is Not Happiness

I am going on tour, and I want you to join me.

You always have the right to make another choice

What I learnt from Mayorkun

Intention is the most powerful energy in the world

We cannot thrive emotionally without loving relationships

Start by telling yourself the truth

Try and forgive

Think about Shaffy Bello anytime you want to hide your light.

5 Things I've Learnt at 37

"Go three feet"

It’s people that matter the most

The gift of grace

Try to be everything with your family

The dots will connect

Your path is different

What does your life stand for?

Fatima talks being molested by her father #WithChude

I don't hate Bobrisky - Denrele

I put pressure on myself - Joeboy

Bobrisky talks famous party, transitioning and social media scandals #WithChude

Nkechi Blessing speaks on social media trolls, Instagram controversies and more #WithChude

Don’t seek perfection in others

Choose love. Eat breakfast

Give it time

Take time to breathe

Turn your pain to profit

Normalise making mistakes

Write down your dreams

The secrets of happiness

Always learn about yourself

We all need people

Don't allow negativity

What I learnt from Jim Iyke

Nothing as good as consistency

The love you give

Listen to yourself more

Deal with trauma early

Why your trials aren't about you

When not to worry about worry

Embrace the limits

Healing takes time

Come into your purpose

Hold your head high

The process of getting better

Go with others

The energy you allow

“Hold your head high”

How you display resilience matters

Make your pain profit you

How to handle negative emotion

Dealing with FOMO

Be a child again

Getting a job isn't your purpose

Everything is emotional

Find someone with whom you don’t need a mask

How to handle grief well

Mind your business

Pause before you fight

Pain is miserable. Life without pain is a disaster.

Do what others won't dare

Let it go

Don't be in a haste to say 'I do'

Don't let these overwhelm you

Get up when you fall

Stop this wickedness

What time is it?

How to be at peace with yourself

What Retail Christianity means

God’s patience is limitless

God has faith in you

What to do when it seems like God isn’t working?

This newsletter is taking a detour…

If you will, God will

Figuring Jesus out

Remember Hannah


It is finished

The accuser

Deader than dead

The Law of Moses

You have no assurance, except Christ



Even Elijah wasn’t strong enough

How could Abraham have doubted God?

Why did God love Abraham so?

Abraham was the worst

God is rooting for you

Stop searching for ‘the will of God’

The God of surrender

Your life

The Good Shepherd

What is the posture of meekness?

Violence versus meekness

“Only” the violent?

Let me repeat

“Am I doing it right?”

“Didn’t David massage God’s ego?”

Salvation Blues

On generational curses V

On generational curses IV

On generational curses III

On generational curses II

On generational curses

This is not about Moses (updated)

This is not about Moses

But, Moses

Don’t let your ‘enemies’ steal your peace

The Gospel

Tried and true

“God showed up”

Do you believe that God is for you?

Worship is for you

God doesn’t need your praise

The Example of Elihu

Speaking for God?

Speaking for God?

Go ahead, question God

God wants you to be clear, bold

God cares what you think

God wants you to believe in the gift God has given you

Bold like Paul

God is like… that

We don’t know God

God does not do evil

God is on your side

God is in everything

How to do life

On spiritual warfare

Shout if you want shout

How to talk about God

When you bring a sacrifice to God

A simple gospel

Mind your business

Does God punish?

They don’t know

Should I not?

This God!

God was like

Don’t try to manipulate

Why are you surprised by adversity?

Shine or dim?

Keep your performance


Close to God

Jesus died for her. So?

Style 101

Still on violence

Violent faith, yeah?

What matters most

Soldiers of Christ

The lifestyle

The veil of Moses

Old things


God became vulnerable

“Surely the Lord is in this place”

You really have to sympathise with Paul



A way to read the bible

I am not afraid of the bible


Apostle in the marketplace?

Slave of Christ?

Like Joshua. Like Paul. Like you.

What do I believe?

Why didn’t Jesus wake up?

Where is God?

Conversation with a pastor gone wrong

Allow God love you

The one thing

What about morality?


Yet not you

This Old Testament thing

There is no distinction

This simple

Excusing yourself?

Not you

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes

As Nigeria votes, Buhari moves from messiah to maligned

Two so-called ‘tough’ scriptures (II)

Two so-called ‘tough’ scriptures (I)

There is only one mystery in Christianity

Where is God?

This is the sum of it

How much more

Of course, they can’t understand the love

While you are busy being ‘wretched’

Do you know your God?


The ministry of death

What is my confidence?

What manner of love?

Breaking rules


What ‘is’ is

Is this the “Jesus” you have been taught?

Eternal student

The God of Moses?


Be reminded

What God already said

So, God said?

Make a judgment call

God’s Love is not a meritocracy

Fire and brimstone?

The prequel

Not consumed

Did God say that?

Why I go to church

Christ in you, you in Christ

Everything, clean

The one thing to remember everyday

Senses vs spirit

There are no answers to prayers in heaven

Does the Bible interpret the Bible?

So, we disagree?

On interpretation

What if it had been David in Eden?

Why did God love David so much?

Man like David

It’s your relationship with God

Don’t you dare forget your dreams

Lift God high… in your heart

David understood God

What did God promise Abraham?

How to see trials

James, the shaker of tables

The image of God

God is not surprised by you

This year hasn’t ended

Mere men

God’s part is done

Prodigal love

Not wretched

Reckless love

Your imagination

Just as I am

All that needs to be said, and not a word more

God of the living

'Your God is too small ‘


Transactional God

Faith: God’s gift to you

God doesn’t perform trouble

“You can’t see in the storm”

No more

Created to worship

How does God rebuke?

Your testimony

“Won’t you judge them now?”

“Sit down”

Don’t confuse emotions with faith


Leveled up


Grace is the point

You think your prayer is messed up?

Love is warfare: a 6am conversation with God

Taken for granted

Why Paul was so angry with the Galatians

The whole truth

Mind your own business

Up to you

“God did not give me cancer”

High horse

First things first

Fear is human

Is tormenting fear normal for a Christian?

Jesus rescuing your soul is enough

What God sees

“Salvation is personal”

Condemned to righteousness?

Listen to what God is trying to say to you

God didn’t promise you a problem-free life

“God is rooting for you”

God’s blessings

“God is not angry with you”

God’s schedule

“Go and sin no more”?


Do you really trust God?

I am spirit


Judging: A warning

The judgment trap

10 more people

God is not man

Consider the birds…

One more

Still on porn

Help me with pornography!

“God is trying to get my attention”

What is prayer? (II)

What is prayer? (I)

Not safe for those who like ‘safe’


CCome exactly as you are

What’s the soul?

This sermon captures almost everything I have come to believe about Christianity

The basic blocks of my faith

Stop cutting God slack

Let me disagree with my favourite gospel artiste

This love ehn

Stalker Alert

“You believe that Mohammed flew to heaven on a winged horse?”

Teach us how to pray

Those who have gone for us

What Jesus despised

Who do you think you are?

Still on right belief

Right belief

Always right here

You didn’t earn it, but don’t you deserve it?

Jesus didn’t come to redeem you

What’s the point of the church?

God has nowhere else to go

Can you really take advantage of God?

Why I go to church

Holy moly!

They do not know

Central casting

God, the Emotional

Jesus wasn’t zen

“I’ve been so oppressed for so long”

“How can you believe in God, Chude?”

A Christianity to sadden you


God is my imaginary friend

They do not know

Where’s your emphasis?

“Lovin’ Me”

You didn’t stop believing in God

Miracles happen

Faith not belief

Is it finished or not?

The non-binary God

God is in love with you

There can be no love without sacrifice?

Forgiveness is unilateral

Responding to Love


Who did you give your life to?

Hell to pay

Holiness as a crutch


Turn or burn

Child of God

“Why don’t you allow God speak on these 21st century issues?”

A logical God

Jesus vs God?

Omniscient, per Jesus

God as a crutch

Jesus was not ‘a great moral teacher’

Believing by condemnation

This journey


On the line

Why I am excited about the rise of Islam

Just imagine that

God says yes

Leaving the Church

“I believe God is excited by me”




I’m in love with God

What’s a parent to do?

It’s too easy, I know

God is not punishing you

Which God?

Today, we will all be Zimbabwe

Do you agree with the Apostle?

Everything God made is beautiful

I have a tricky one for you

Signs and wonders

What God sees

Pay attention

The moral arc of the universe

Let the future decide

God’s character

All clear?

The Universe

God’s name, in vain

Only one tribe

You lucky devil

To conquer death

What she said

All loved up

Holier than thou

On top this matter?

Does God attend your church?

Is it your blood that was shed?

God is not a man that…

Remember the second thief on the cross?

While we are all talking about Wakanda, maybe Africa already has all the vibranium it needs

Sow it good

Give yourself space

Know the sacrifices to be made

The light you are hiding

Attention is life

Be at peace with yourself

When you make mistakes

It will pass too

Light a candle

Go do the work

Start with an abundance mindset

Pick two this year

New year, new… what?