Sitemap - 2021 - #WithChude

New year, new

Respect yourself, love yourself

Listen to your body

How do you use social media?

Nobody owes you anything

Overachieving on holidays

You also deserve mercy

Fuel your passion

Greatest lesson life taught a 90-year old

What can you do well?

Failure is part of success

Life can support and love you

Learn to serve

Your guide to not complaining

Focus on your circle

Everything is perspective

Focus on your health

Allow others the space to love and be loved

We are here to comfort each other

There is nothing you can't forgive

Beware of advice - plus other pieces of advice

Manage your expectations

Keep forging ahead

Are you healthy?

Be willing to try and adapt

You are better off anytime

Ask for help. Just ask.

Pursue excellence, not perfection

Your story is important

Be careful what you give

Don't trust the wrong people

Pain isn’t the destination

You can fight for your joy

Allow yourself feel

Never ignore your process

You need to forgive

Always be honest

Life isn’t perfect

Life isn't perfect

Connect to a higher power

What you hold on to matters

Go beyond intentions

How do you feel?

Know your anchors

Be balanced at all times

How has grief helped you?

What to do when you make a mistake

You must keep going

Everything is temporal

Pair down your life

You can't afford to stay down

Shine your eye

You can always choose

How to deal with pain

Pain is inevitable

Learn from the mistakes others make

Is patience overrated?

Everything is material for you

Learn to hold on

Be honest with yourself

Your intention matters

Know what you want

Take execution risk

Let the world do the work for you

Feedback Friday: "Our world needs this"

Self care isn’t selfish

Mind your mind

Aim higher every time

Ride the wave

Love and beyond

Stop working to deserve joy

Feedback Friday: "I can be both teacher and student fully"

Look carefully for opportunities

The world will adjust

Whose opinion matter?

Eye on the prize

Defining moments

What is enough?

Feedback Friday: "Spark of hope"

Just listen

Social media break

Have mercy

Don’t be afraid to show up imperfect

Do the work

Embracing solitude

Feedback Friday: "You can do adulting with peace and joy"

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Gift of pain

Circle of competence

Be yourself, regardless

What drives you inside determines what you do

Count the cost

Cultivate your own garden

An honest conversation about politics

The greatest lesson life taught Akah Nnani

Keep showing up

Stand on your testimony

The force can show up for us

"God has answered your prayers"

Don't be afraid to disappear

Feedback Friday: "You've taught me lessons I'll keep"

Build yourself

“Becoming a woman is not a day job”

What I learnt from Bobrisky

Respect is reciprocal

Do it differently - even if no one cares

Avoiding procastination

Feedback Friday: "This is change for me"

Your mind matters more than fame

"I didn't want to breakdown on national TV"

"Have a life outside of Instagram"

Social media is not your life

Take care of home before impressing the street

"Why they were quiet"

Win deep, not shallow

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The greatest lesson life taught Rita Dominic

"I think God has left the church a long time ago"

"This betrayal compares to nothing"

What do you do when trouble comes?

"I know I need grief therapy"

The 'rules' for being human

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The greatest lesson life taught Biola Alabi

Go back to the basics

Healing takes time

"You need space to become yourself again"

"This doesn’t even feel like my life"

Of happiness and age

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The greatest lesson life taught Funke Akindele

Let love take over

Don't be pressured to get married

Do not drop the mic

"You are human. You are allowed to breakdown"

Insecurity is a blessing

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The greatest lesson life taught Cee-C

"Whatever happens on the show, I'll be fine"

Fame comes with negativity and positivity

Know your 'why'

"Why people were scared of me"

Pursue understanding, not just simplicity

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The greatest lesson life taught Adunni Ade

"Why I tolerated an abusive marriage for long"

Why you shouldn't think of what 'people' think

Forgive, even if you don't forget

"When things happen to people, they change"

Attention is a form of love

Knowing when failure is golden

Successful at any age

Focus on what matters the most

Do you like the person that you are?

Are you ready for a new season?

"I was afraid of what I could do to myself"

Your feeling it doesn't make it true

Don't hate

My experience after 14 abortions

“Okay! It is finished!”

Fame can be dangerous

Pain is natural

My experience with sex work

Radical acceptance is possible - if you practice it

The pregnancy loss isn't your fault

Move forward with integrity

Go and get checked

What life really is

The price of being a celebrity

Swimming with the dolphins

Agency: one of your most precious resources

You are either authentic or not

"I was going to quit music"

“We have to keep working”

Have an abundance mindset

Prayer is good. But get help too.

Don't lie to yourself

Love is an economic asset

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Every day is a chance to be a better person

The greatest lesson life taught Omotola Jolade

#ChudesBookClub: The joys of motherhood

Humility doesn't kill

Life is about to get started

When can you trust your intuition?

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The next five years

The greatest lesson life taught Charles Novia

#ChudesBookClub: Turning the Flywheel

Pause and evaluate before speaking online

“What Majek Fashek told me before he died”

Not every gift is worth receiving

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"Don't focus on criticism"

The greatest lesson life has taught Ayo Animashaun

#ChudesBookClub: The mechanics of Yenagua

The fight matters

“I have to live a life of integrity”

“I have to live a life of integrity”

Five useful questions

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Showing vulnerability is a sign of strength

The greatest lesson life has taught Denrele Edun

#ChudesBookClub: The Mad House

Don’t find love outside of yourself

For Finding Happiness

The tyranny of time

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The Greatest Lesson Life Has Taught Jumoke Adenowo

"I had to let him go"

#ChudesBookClub: Laws of Human Nature

"It is not good for man to be alone" is not a marriage but feminist text

“There is a fourth dimension to my architecture”

Be a little deaf. It helps.

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"Being a mum has given me a perspective about everything else"

Greatest Lesson Life Has Taught Toolz

“The first made me stronger for the second”


“It’s not always in your control, but you’ll get through it”

What does sanity look like in an insane world?

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“I don’t worry anymore”

"I don't want to go back to my old life"

#ChudesBookClub: King David

“Visualize, manifest and take a move”

“I put so much pressure on myself”

Promote flourishing in your life. Here is how.

Promote flourishing and meaning in your life. Here is how.

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“It’s the same thing that brings us down and lifts us up”

"I felt vulnerable opening up"

#ChudesBookClub: News from Home

“Yaba Left is full of broken hearts and broken dreams”

"Suicide is not an act of cowardice"

Our Greatest Misunderstanding about Love

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“It’s not over until it is”

“I thought I’ve killed my cousin”

#ChudesBookClub: Once Upon Four Robbers

Own your journey

“When the lights go off, do you really like the person you are?”

Who is the kindest person you know?

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“What is the greatest lesson life has taught you?“

"Help your kids learn new skills"

#ChudesBookClub: Madness

Nigeria is a very lucky country

“Solve one problem and make money from it”

Where are the tools you need - when you want them?

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Stay open to learning

"I didn't want to be a pastor"

#ChudesBookClub: Cynical Theories

“Keep getting it done”

Stop being agitated over things that are temporal

Want to keep your relationship on solid ground? Get enough sleep

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"Religion is about connecting to the creator"

Stay true to yourself always

#ChudesBookClub: I will marry when I want

No one can bring you out of pain until you’re ready

“Is there really a God?”

We are here for one another

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“I realized I was wrong”

“The most important lesson I’ve learnt”

#ChudesBookClub: The Naked Gods

Create your own luck

Experiencing death and life - at the same time

Avoiding bad decisions

Your life can change in a second

Get positive energy around you

“I have children that I take care of”

#ChudesBookClub: Lagos Noir

It is fine to feel things deeply, even if nobody else understands

“How Anjola affected me” (updated)

When another character took over

My wish for you this season

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Are people too afraid of your ego?

"Time heals everything"

How to spell naija

You must know for yourself what you want to be

"It was like something died in me"

Is it possible to be happy, every single day?

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Happiness comes from being proud of yourself

I choose spirituality over religion

Love is power

Loss will beat you down if you allow it

Tell those you love that you love them

Write your own emotional agility manifesto

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Remind yourself of the things you've learnt

If you feel it, it is valid

Learn from the gazelle

Life is a tragedy if you make it a tragedy

The 5 greatest lessons I have learnt in the past year

What will you tell your future self?

The conversation I didn’t know I needed

There is a way to try better

Be grateful, even to your addictions

"A lecturer failed me to get my attention"

Listen - even when it’s uncomfortable


Give it away to get it back

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Intentions matter, but actions matter more

'Broken from seeing this'

Communicate how you feel, no matter what it is

Love is a decision to serve another human being


How to be lonely, and another way to define happiness

There is absolutely nothing you cannot survive

Focus on doing the work

Be comfortable in your own skin

What growth means

Show up, do the work, get better

What living with Tourette Syndrome has taught me (II)

Opt for solitude

Joining us tomorrow?

Are you really lonely?

Feel your emotions all the way

Be a happy person before you step into a relationship

Don't confuse love with sentimentalism

What living with Tourette Syndrome has taught me

What makes your heart smile?

Throuples, Ghosting, Situationships & More

Exhume good energy and life

You have to fight if you want to live

Carry the memory, not the pain

A scary thought (updated link)

A scary thought

I have doubts

The three kinds of happy people. Which are you?

Keep doing the work

Be authentic and vulnerable

When waiting finally pays off

Always be prepared

What I learnt from my interview with Adeola Azeez

Emilia Asim-Ita: 1987 - 2021

I have a few questions too

Whatever life throws at you is life

Why not you?

Embrace reality of adversity and keep moving

Living a joyful life

Invest in your emotional future

What’s your drug? 

A better way to respond to cravings

Life happens in what is not said

Try to be conscious

You cannot force people to feel

Be vulnerable about it

Give yourself space

Hurt people hurt people

Becoming indistractable is possible

Surround yourself with people that will offer you grace

Do you know who you are?

Your views are allowed to change

Stop chasing after perfection

There is nothing shameful about being human

The words didn’t come, yet

FOPO and the inner ring

Dancing through life

Acknowledge your emotions

Building a new habit takes time

Building new habits take time

Exercising power over ourselves

It’s always within your power to choose how you show up

Change, at any date

Not another goal for the year

New year, new ... what?