Sitemap - 2019 - #WithChude

New year, new ... what?

Make these 2 commitments for yourself

Truth or dare

Energy field


The young shall grow

Surrender to Christmas 

We swipe here

Make these 2 commitments for yourself

Q & A

Right, right?

Act your age

Go small

Human to human

A wink and a smile

How not to be a hypocrite

Care less

Private shame


Walk the talk

Open secret 

Time after time

Do not be afraid

Do life 



Adult this way 

Self partnered 

No, no, no

Note to self

5 days to go...

5 questions 

You don’t need love

How do you feel?

You know 

Believe them

Look well 

Speak out

Hold your side


Suspend all judgement 

Other people

True compassion 


Speak your truth 

Good for you

No more time

The two Cs

Confident in what?

Focus on action

"Please don't insult me"

Zoom out

Allow for your humanity

Realistically speaking

I hate being reasonable

“Freedom is worth it”

Create your own security

Happy place

Sorry, no

The Cascade

Don’t be like Ada

How about this?

Find others like you

Investigate reality

The most amazing morning

What’s stopping you?

Regression to perfect


That Small Town Feeling

I believe

3 things I remind myself about each week

Don’t make a wish

I believe

The story behind the story


Emotional leeches

God of small things

The one thing ‘woke’ people need to know

Responding to hurt

Thrice is (obviously) not the charm

You can’t make anyone love you

Closed for business

On Power

Don’t break yourself too

Emotional parasites

Challenge by challenge

Feeling fabulous

I meant it

#40DaysBookClub holds at 7am for this week

Pray tell

Pain porn

Lesson learnt?

The philosophy of flow

Happened already happened

Someone has decided to sponsor three of you to attend #TheJoyRetreat...

Someone has decided to sponsor three of you to attend #TheJoyRetreat...

Forgive them

The magic

Don’t go big

Be conscious

Stop wasting your energy 

No problem

The best of men 

Take your time

1, 2, 3

One Day My Soul Just Opened Up


Suffer head

The substance of faith

What should you do when a person cheats on you?

Why you?

Do you really love him?

A hack for doing the right thing

Test your illusions

Infinity Love

Listening to Life

Right action

High standards

Self judgement is easy

How to judge yourself

Ye of little faith

Where do broken hearts go?

Word play

Nothing like the truth

Where beauty lies

Which is which

Depressed vs depression

Sadness is not depression

What matters

The nature of our nature

The nature of our nature

Where emotions belong

What is life?

God or not?

Stop watch

One after the other

One after the other

“It just clicked”

What is garbage?

Good news

Don’t be mistaken 

The Infinity Plan 

A – Z, and beyond

They don’t know

Still on anger 

On anger 

Surely not 

Non existent

99 percent garbage 

Same thing 

When fear clears

Is your life simple? | Why you need to register for Re.Treat.




Do you really?

What happens when you argue against reality?

Where courage really comes from?

I am a child of the universe

I am a child of the universe